My Story

I started my Scentsy journey on February 7th, 2011. I never thought I'd be sharing Scentsy all of these years later. I had become a Mom and settled into the stay at home life. I suffered from social anxiety and depression. I had physical health issues. I was bored and just didn't leave my house.   When I found Scentsy on the internet I was excited. It was something that replaced the candles I loved but, had to do away with when I had my boys. It was so much more than a safe replacement. I was amazed at how long the scent from my wax lasted.   I'm never one to buy anything scented without smelling it first. I wasn't about to call up a consultant or have a party. I wouldn't have even gone to a friend's party. Trust me I see the irony! Nope, with my anxiety it was simply easier to pay the $99 to join and get all of the scents.    On a whim I decided to attend Scentsy convention in Ft. Worth soon after joining. I can't explain it. I just felt like I needed to get to Texas to do it. It was way out of my comfort zone and a big changing point in my life. I faced a lot of anxiety & overcame it there. Something else happened while I was there. I saw Scentsy was a company with core values of Simplicity, Authenticity and Generosity. I found that this wasn't something they just said, it was something they actually did. With Scentsy everyone treats each other as family from the owners to the consultants. Everyone listens & supports each other. It just clicked with me. I realized even with my health issues, I could work on my Scentsy business, work on figuring out who I was after becoming a Mom & I could do it with the help of really supportive people!   Scentsy has helped me in so many ways. I've pushed myself beyond places I thought I could. It wasn't always easy. I'd get sick to my stomach before parties. But, I grew stronger & things became easier for me. Most of all my boys saw their Mom grow!   Now I have this great team! I see them go from not believing in themselves to transforming and realizing they can. I see the empowerment it brings to them. I love being able to help them along in that transformation. We have a TON of fun doing it all!   I love that I am to the point now that I can do things that before my anxiety and health issues kept me from doing. And while the health issues still are there Scentsy keeps me motivated to not let them take over my life. It's been quite the journey with Scentsy. It continues to push me to improve myself personally. I get to have lots of fun with my Scentsy friends. Yet I don't have to sacrifice time and tons of fun with my boys! I tell everyone, if I can sell Scentsy, truly anyone can! (I don't really sell Scentsy, I SHARE it!) If you have any questions about Scentsy's products or opportunities contact me! I love sharing everything Scentsy and all it has to offer!